Victoria & Alla

"I love how free I feel with my emotion, with my food choices, with life in general." - Victoria

"It has been an amazing experience and life-changing." - Alla

Jeff L.

"I have a bachelors in food and nutrition sciences... I had to throw away all of my knowledge and start over with this program."



"I wasn't expecting to experience in this program, aside from the weight loss, was finding myself again."


"I've lost...50 pounds... with another program...but I could never maintain the loss... I've been now maintaining a 20-pound weight loss that I've gotten over the last 90 days, and it's been effortlessly as opposed to the two decades that I fought to keep off the 50 pounds from the other program."



"What I didn't expect was this community that I joined, and that I was instantly a part of... we were all banded together... this is a group that  communicated, shared, supported, applauded and wept with all of us. I'm taking away some friendships and a community that I will have for a lifetime."

Lendy & Evelyn

"The education is all worth it!" - Lendy

"You get the community... the support is incredible, actually... When I've got all of these sisters and brothers doing it with me, that's motivation... that's impetus to stick to it and do it!" - Evelyn



"I went into this for health reasons, not weight loss. My blood pressure was high, my cholesterol was high.  Within 1 month, all my levels were within normal range."

Jeff W.

"I've lost 20 pounds of visceral fat. I have to get new clothes, which is a good thing."



"I've tried every diet... it's been 30 plus  years of dieting a certain way and finding out that it has always been completely wrong."


"The education at first was almost addictive. I couldn't wait. It was like... checking my emails constantly waiting for when it was released because you just found with each bit of education you had another tool."


Maryanna & James

"We saw the results, it worked for us, we felt good, and we got the education ,and the education made sense." - James

"I don't have... the glucose highs and lows anymore. I don't have the mood swings like I had before... So, for me, this program does work." - Maryanna

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